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Keith Sims has been designing and building surfboards since the mid 1980's and brings years of experience and attention to detail to all his products.  Keith has worked for countless factories and major labels.  Keith is best known for his quality custom surfboards and contract glassing.  He comfortably works with both EPS and polyester foams, and is well known for his sanding and polishing skills. Besides high-quality surfboard glassing, his business also offers custom airbrush, detailed pinline work, as well as engineered composite work on boards.  Keith is very versatile and has extensive knowledge of all types of surfboards, from performance shortboards to traditional longboards and everything around or in between. When he is not working on custom boards, Keith can be found surfing the south streets of Cocoa Beach, golfing or playing with the fatcats - Kahleeka and Spencer.


Queen of everything Fatcat.

Hates rain, loves laser pointers, belly rubs, and frequent meals.

Prince of everything Fatcat.

Attention lover, catnip aficionado, frequent headbutter,and window blind destructor.


CEO of Fatcat Surfboards


Former head of security at Fatcat surfboards factory. Went MIA this spring

..she might have gone on a long surf trip?

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